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AIYAI Pty Ltd produced international broad spectrum appeal feature film AIYAI Wrathful Soul, in which Indian Australian actor Kabir Singh played major role Directed by Ilanthirayan Alan Arumugam and Produced by Vinod Mohana Sundaram
and Kanesh Mohana Sundaram (Indian background). AIYAI: Wrathful soul is a multi-layered innovative script with exciting twists and knots, at the same time it has a strong social message, without any controversial content. This new approach for Films in the horror-thriller genre is expected to become a trend setter for future films.

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Get to Sleep Easy

Currently, falls, pressure sores and pneumonia are some of our biggest causes of hospitalisation, some of our biggest killers, and cost us billions annually. But many of these are preventable. Nikhil founder of Get to Sleep Easy, an ex cancer patient himself, and now a medical student and researcher, faced all of these issues, but realised he needed to do something about them after losing 2 friends to these preventable issues. The company has created the Smart Inclining Bed, which converts any bed into a hospital-bed for 10% of the price. 

Greenhouse Climate Beacon - Beta Version

Graeme Smith Consulting

Graeme Smith recognised that India is on the cusp of rapid advancement of controlled food productions systems driven by the rising need for food safety, food quality and reliability of supply through using modern greenhouse and hydroponic technologies and techniques that require experienced technical support and horticultural advice. He developed an App in India (using IT company in Chennai) called 'Greenhouse Growers Toolbox' as a series of 12 calculators to inform Indian growers the key principles and design criteria for them to develop their own production and growing systems, including developing a 'Greenhouse Climate Beacon' for Indian growers to measure key climate conditions.

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Mack Valves

Mack Valves is an 80 year old Australian icon that manufactures specialist valves including defence and cryogenic valves. In 2014 Mack invested in a manufacturing facility in India. Mack employs disadvantaged women in India to help foster financial independence for its team whilst also facilitating higher quality output. Mack designed a smarter cryogenic valve for the global industry that uses a QR code to allow maintenance and operations teams to access information for each unique valve at site.

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Karan is a Graduate in Accounting & Finance from University of Western Sydney Year 2007. Karan also is a Full Real Estate License Holder. Karan is 29 and has built a massive property portfolio, and has experience in many aspects of property investing and business , gained through his hands on hard work approach from a young age. He is the founder of Pro-Active Investment Group. From his First Investment Property in Kings Park, to his Dream Apartment in King St Wharf Darling Harbour in a span of 6 years only. Karan has now decided to walk through the Real Estate Journey joining hands with other Young and Matured Investors.

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SP Jain School of Global Management

The SP Jain School of Global Management established a Neuroscience Lab in 2017 at its Sydney Campus in Homebush. Neuroscience is one of the fastest growing areas of biological science. It refers to the study of the brain and the nervous system to understand the fundamentals of cognition, i.e. the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge or understanding though thought, experience and the senses. The lab uses a set of technologies and tools to measure the unconscious mind. These include measuring autonomic
reaction (factors not controlled by the conscious mind) such as brain activity, facial expression, gazes, pupil dilation, heart rate variation and change in skin conductance (which change in emotional state).

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The Money Lifeline 

The Money Lifeline was established in October 2016. Its mission is to help Small Business Owners access business grants and obtain interest-free funds to grow their business in a seamless manner. Ensuring the process is as simple as possible while the client gets the maximum entitlement.

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