Past Events

We are pleased to share our previous wins with you and thank you for engaging us with on the IABCA platform.


The below links will give you a great insight in to the national initiative now in its eight year. We continue to raise awareness of Australian Indians and Australians in India, in a way that encourages further growth in relations between the two countries by enhancing and recognising existing investment initiatives from commerce to culture.

IABCA is a welcome sign of how far relations between Australia and India have evolved. The platform spreads across three national events, Queensland, New South Wales & Parliament House, Canberra.

IABCA 2019 click here

IABCA 2018 click here

IABCA 2017 click here


IABCA 2016 click here 

IABCA 2015 click here 

IABCA 2014 click here 

We welcome your participation at our 2021 event, for any questions and feedback please email us on