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Ashish Chawla


Global Sports Travel and Tours Pty Ltd

Global Sports Travel is an Official Travel Agent for major events such as ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and Australian Open 2019 and Australian Grand Prix. Global Sports Travel assists Indian and Australian sports fans, corporate and independent travelers with bespoke travel packages, hospitality, tickets and tours to some of the most exclusive sporting events such as but not limited to ICC Cricket World Cup, Wimbledon, Australian Open and T20 World Cup set to be happening in Australia in 2020.

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Daman Shrivastav


Box Hill Institute

A 33 years of journey in Hospitality from apprentice to journeyman to master…which started from the kitchen of Imperial Hotel, New Delhi, a three years apprenticeship followed by another three years instance full time city and guild Diploma of Professional Cookery from Westminster College, London which taught Daman the basic skills and instilled him with hard working ethic of all hospitality professionals. Since then Daman never stopped learning tricks of the trade neither
has he ever stopped passing his knowledge to those who worked or studied with or under him. The kitchens of Dorchester London, Gavaroche, Langham's Brasserie, Ménage A Trois, Sheraton,

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Indrani Matta


 Bhoomi Restaurant Glebe

Bhoomi or Gaia our home planet also Goddess Earth personified is the inspiration behind the name. Showcasing the finest Indian cuisine complemented by exceptionally striking palace like cavernous space with its stone pillars in multiple areas, Bhoomi successfully transports one across time to the past glory of the Land of Kings – Rajasthan. Their aim to transform the ordinary "Curry House" experience into something extra special offering the rich royal heritage, culture, hospitality, cuisine and traditions of India by enabling our guests to "Experience India" without leaving Australia.

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Jessica Hogan


Roshni Indian Restaurant

Roshni is a small restaurant in the regional town of Mackay QLD. A family owned business between and Indian man and an Australian woman. Roshni strives to captures its core meaning of "light and happiness" by producing award winning Indian Cuisine along with a strong sense of community and belief of "giving back". Roshni Indian Restaurant is not just a place for people to simply eat but a haven for the community to experience the true coming togetherness of two cultures.


Meredith Wilks 

Travel Director

Tiwari Travel

Tiwari is niche tour operator specialising only in India & Sri Lanka. Therefore we offer very specialist detailed consultancy and tour services to these destinations. We are step ahead of most tour operators that offer product globally and therefore do not have the intimate local knowledge.

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Nirmal Parekh 

Travel Crafters

A relatively newly started Travel Agency which is proud to cater to the Indian and local communities based out of Lane Cove. We pride in providing the best travel management services and have obtained the most prestigious recognition of being an IATA certified travel agent in our short span of existance

The Colonial British Indian Cuisine - Re

Sam Mehanna

The Colonial British Indian Cuisine


Sanjeev Sharma




Yashpal Erda

Owner & Director

Masala Theory

Awarded the 2016 and 2018 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence honouring exceptional service, quality and dining atmosphere; The Colonial British Indian Cuisine has been providing Indian gastronomy for over 5 years in Sydney, Australia. The Colonial British Indian Cuisine currently operates two urban-popular restaurants across Sydney’s Darlinghurst and Neutral Bay suburbs. The cuisine has been inspired by North Indian flavours derivative of the British- Colonial rule, a period that gave rise to a rustic and robust fusion of eastern spices and western cuisine. 

Kebabiya is a true attempt to bring to Australia that part of Indian cuisine which had never been attempted here before. Indian food is not just about curries but there has much more to it. India is a combination of many cultures and traditions and thus boasting many types of food practices and one of them is kebabs. Kebabiya is an endeavor to bring to Australia a repertoire of kebabs emerging from different regions of India. The delectable tastes, variety and innovation in
combining tradition and contemporary keeps our customers engaged and enticing them to come keep coming back for more.

Masala Theory encapsulates antiquity and modernity – power, strength & believe.  Enchanté. It is the Sydney's first Neo/Fusion Indian restaurant which has achieved 2 Chef Hats within 2 years of oepning its doors. Everything from the décor to the street food concoctions beckons to those who want to be inspired and immersed in a sensational culinary experience without the fuss of formal dining. 

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