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Ankush Gupta

Independent Filmmaker

Kush Gupta Films

Ankush is currently working as a influential Indo - Australian film film maker working as a writer, director, script doctor and associate director for International Feature Films / Documentaries which aim to inspire millions of people across the globe. In India; Kush Gupta has become on of the youngest Associate directors in the Indian Film Industry; working on films like Oscar Nominated - Sarbjit, Bhoomi and Prassthanam (2019) release. Furthermore, Kush has choreographed and been associated with over 40 music videos.


Ayushi Kumari

Digital Manager for APAC

Adobe (Business)

Ayushi is digital manager with Adobe which is considered as top 6 best places to work. She holds the designation of Consumer and Business Manager at Adobe for APAC. She looks after all APAC markets like India, South East Asia, Koea, China to bring a positive impact to Australian and Indian + rest of APAC communities. She has been able to set up Process standardization at Adobe. Personally she has set up My space at the Australian Fashion and beauty industry . She has been published at Vogue Australia for best street styles at Chandon S fashion.

Kanchan Marcus 1.png

Kanchan Marcus

The University of Sydney

Over nine years, Kanchan has managed professional work at the University of Sydney and motherhood (to three children), along with volunteering in the community. In the professional sphere, Kanchan has worked on several Australian Research Council projects and is currently completing research on strengthening health workforce migration to Australia, with a particular focus on Doctors, Dentists and Nurses. She is also employed with the Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre, which is a multidisciplinary network of researchers concerning local, regional and global migration.

Kaushik Sridah.jpg

Dr Kaushik Sridhar

National Sustainability Manager

Regis Healthcare

Kaushik is an experienced and purpose-driven corporate responsibility and sustainability leader. With over 11 years’ experience conceiving and executing large-scale projects/initiatives (worth over $11 million) related to sustainable development, business transformation, energy efficiency and management, and integrated reporting at organisations including KPMG, Ernst & Young, Regis Healthcare and Unisys. He currently leads the development and execution of a broad-based, company-wide strategic sustainability initiative, integrating sustainability throughout Regis Healthcare. 


Melvyn Gilbert


Fortuna Advisory Group

Born in a humble family, Melvyn is from Kolkata. As a child, his mother would tell him stories about how attainment of real knowledge depended upon convergence of communities and cultures. He has a CPA with 2 Masters degree, Melvyn became divisional director of a nationally reputed group in WA in less than 6 years of his arrival in Australia. He also lectured in Accounting at Edith Cowan University and shard stages with some of Australia's top personalities. He won several awards for the company including the IABCA SME of the Year 2018. for Fortuna Advisory Group.


Natasha Jha Bhaskar

General Manager

Newland Global Group

Natasha is currently General Manager, Newland Global Group, a leading corporate advisory firm with a key focus on the India – Australia trade and investment space based in Sydney. Natasha has 12 years of Indian Parliament (Lok Sabha) experience, where her work revolved around analysis – communication – advocacy of important federal government policies, which are of national and international relevance. She has had excellent and deep exposure to the Indian legislative process. She has been part of Indian Parliament delegations to national and international conferences (SAARC, ASEAN, BRICS, National Legislators Conference).


Nirmal Parekh


Travel Crafters

Travel Crafters was started by Nirav towards the end of 2016, the agency has grown from a single person (Co founder) to total employee strength of 5. In addition their affiliate model, they provide a source of income for another 3 people taking total employees/affiliates to 8. Nirav and team were the finalist for the Local Business awards 2018 in the Lane Cove region and also support a range of charities like World Vision, Starlight Foundation, Australia Breast Cancer Association and others via the co founder or the corporate making monthly donations for the betterment of the entire community.


Ravi Sharma


Sticky Floors Entertainment

Ravi Sharma is an individual who went through schooling and University as an average student with excellent people skills. He realised after having completed a Degree that there was more to life than simply working a 9-5 job. Ravi assessed the market in Sydney to develop a brand that is synonyms with premium nightlife in Sydney.. He has a Youtube channel to connect further with the community which has over 700k watch minutes and 400k views in just 8 months. Sticky Floors Entertainment is the holding company and has grown to become a $200k business in just under 12 months.

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