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Atul Narang

 Co-founder & Chief Information Officer


Since HashChing’s inception, Atul has been paramount to the actualisation of key business ideas, translating them into practical technological solutions. Atul drove the product development and design from scratch, gearing it to suit the business roadmap, achieve the requisite objectives and overcome everything from hack attempts to huge volumes of online traffic. He was the winner of CTO/CIO of the year at FinTech Awards in 2017, and is currently shortlisted as a finalist for Chief Information Officer of the Year at the Australian Retail Banking Awards.

Charlton D'Silva


Publisher's Internationalé

Charlton D’Silva is CEO of Publisher's Internationalé – Australia's leading independent media representation company. As Australia’s number one international media specialist company, Publisher's Internationalé has built strong partnerships within the media industry. This company has clinched exclusive contracts with the world’s leading media and offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and affiliates across 24 markets. Working with multinational media agencies, boutique agencies and clients directly, Publisher's Internationalé continues to provide a unique interface between its clients and their global businesses to deliver unparalleled results.

Kam Phulwani

Medsurge Heathcare

Kam started MEDSURGE HEALTHCARE in 2007. Kam’s entrepreneurial skills and business acumen have ensured the tremendous growth of his companies. Kam’s vision is to consistently deliver diversified healthcare products to hospitals at affordable prices & in a timely manner to save patients’ lives. After trading for 10 years, Medsurge has grown from a small home-office business into one of the fastest growing providers of niche medicines in Australia. 

Manish Sundarjee

Executive Director

Kidmans Partners

Co-founding Kidmans Partners in 2000, Manish's passion and drive have been instrumental in growing the business from a 6-member accounting firm to the multi-faceted organisation it is today, employing over 40 staff and with a service offering that encompasses Business Advisory and Wealth Management. Manish's leadership and strategic approach have seen him instigate and implement sustainable business growth strategies including negotiating and transitioning the purchase of quality accounting firms, implementing cloud accounting in-house and for clients, and a professional development program to nurture the next leadership group of Kidmans Partners.

Paritosh Misra is an expert in growing Strategic Business based on value creation through innovation.
He has managed to maintain a significant edge over competition by creating strong business partnerships that were built on creating value propositions by providing enhanced staff productivity, process and cost efficiency in the private education space. He has won over 15 high achievement awards including multiple 'Managing Director's High Achievement Awards'.

Paritosh Misra
Senior Account Manager-Private Education

Fuji Xerox Australia

Pars Ram Punj

Parsram Foods Pty Ltd

Pars Ram Punj is a visionary who spearheaded the development of a new agricultural industry that brought two nations closer together. In both his private role as managing director of The Parsram Group and public role as Honorary Consul for India in Queensland, he has always been at the forefront of selfless public life. The name Pars Ram is now synonymous with chickpeas and pulses in Australia. 40 years ago Mr. Pars Ram Punj took a hitherto minor stock feed product and transformed it into one of Australia’s largest consumer exports. In doing so, Mr. Punj’s company Pars Ram Brothers became the first company to have the honor of exporting chickpeas to India.

Dr Raj Khillan
Senior Pediatrician

Mercy Health and Western Health

Dr Raj Khillan is a pioneering leader for healthcare in the Indian community by increasing the accessibility of healthcare and creating a platform for Medical Professionals of Indian origin. He is also a medical entrepreneur and has revolutionised the provision of multi-disciplinary healthcare for the Indian-Australian Community through the creation of Australia’s first combined Women’s and Children’s Medical center. He started a Health Education Campaign in several Indian newspapers as well as SBS radio and Sanjhi Awaaz radio specifically related to healthcare issues of the Indian Society.

Dr.Sajimon George BAMS

Ayurclinic Pty. Ltd.

Dr. Sajimon George is a naturopathic doctor who specialises in Ayurveda, a traditional form of organic and natural healing and medicine that originates from India. Since 2005, Dr. Sajimon George has been responsible for many projects to aid in spreading the word and benefits of Ayurveda. His clinic’s greatest venture officially started to function as of early 2016 through the opening of one of the largest alternative health care clinics Victoria has seen, located in Braybrook, Melbourne.

Sandeep Chadha

National Leader


Sandeep leads the global and middle market (GMM) team (generating approximately $90m revenue) of Deloitte Australia’s Audit and Assurance (A&A) business unit. In this national role, he leads approximately 400 highly engaged and intelligent professionals.
During his time as GMM leader, Sandeep has proven himself to be an inclusive leader, a champion of both gender equality and cultural diversity, as demonstrated through his sponsorship of 5 female partners/partner candidates and 7 culturally diverse partners/partner candidates.

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