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Dr Dimity Dornan AO

Executive Director & Founder

Hear and Say

Dimity is a Speech Pathologist as well as the Founder and Executive Director of Hear and Say, an organisation which strives to enable deaf children to listen and speak effectively. Hear and Say currently provides services for over 600 children and families. 

 In conjunction with hearing technology like the cochlear implant, the majority of deaf children and children with hearing loss at Hear and Say are able to attend regular schools with age appropriate listening, speech and language programs and interact seamlessly with their un-impaired peers.

Dimity has been working for the past ten years to bring professional training to India to educate speech pathologists, audiologists and teachers to provide the necessary education on modern hearing devices and child and parent education.

Assoc. Professor Indu Singh

Program Director - Medical Laboratory Science

Griffith University

Indu has progressed from a research assistant in India, to a hospital pathology technician in Hong Kong, to a medical scientist obtaining her doctorate and becoming a university academic and researcher in Australia. Indu has more than 30 years of experience as a practicing scientist, researcher and trainer in Medical laboratories in India, Hong Kong and Australia, with the last 13 years in formal academic teaching and research at different universities. She is currently Program Director of Medical Laboratory Science at Griffith University. 

Lalita Vaswani


Birdgard India

Lalita Vaswani is the Director of Birdgard India. Lalita is a striving entrepreneur,  challenging India's male dominated business environment by promoting businesses with unique products and/or services. The Indian market offers so many variables and as such, Lalita is working tirelessly to update her knowledge of market trends, products and strengths of competitors. A self employed IT Consultant in Sydney, she is responsible for the Wildlife Safety Management app, which is currently being used by Mumbai International Airport and has recently been launched globally.

Margaret Faux
Founder and CEO

Synapse Medical Services

Margaret Faux is the CEO and Founder of Synapse Medical Services, driving the company from its foundation in 2009 to its current standing as a leading international provider of healthcare administration solutions. Synapse operations now spans 4 global offices, 125 staff and an unparalleled connection between India and Australia. Margaret Faux epitomises the India Australia business community like no one else, striving for better healthcare globally. She is an inspiration to her staff from both countries and is the diverse leader that the company values are based around.

Sapna Shah


Onroad Driving School

Leadership is a quality that Sapna has embodied from the very beginning. Since she Co-founded Onroad Driving School in 2008, the business has grown into a Sydney wide operation and employs 28 Instructors. Sapna's vision for the business was to employ a large quota of female instructors. Known as a male-dominated industry, Sapna wanted to turn this around and begin this change with her business. Being a woman, this vision was important to Sapna to encourage other Driving Schools to do the same and empower women.

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