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Anita Thomas

  Sales and Marketing Director


Anita Thomas is one of visionary Directors of TOTAL HOLIDAY OPTIONS currently the head of the Sales & Marketing division. With over 20 years of experience as head of Sales & Marketing department, she is responsible for 30-70% average growth on a year to year basis. Her passion and dedication to make India the most preferred destination in the Australian market is exemplified not only through her work but also in her conversation, as she gives you many reasons why you should plan your holiday to India. With the leadership of Anita, TOTAL HOLIDAY OPTIONS have become known as the premier specialists in Indian Holiday Planning.

Celina Lazarus

Co-founder and Director

First Crop Coffee and Maillard Atelier

Celina Lazarus is a pioneer in the Speciality coffee industry in Australia. Beginning her career in 2013 importing green coffee into Australia with her husband, she re-branded the company in 2015 (now called First Crop Coffee) and began her rise to prominence in the specialty coffee industry. She went on to co-found Australia's first co-working coffee roastery called Maillard Atelier in 2016 in Melbourne. The whole time she has sourced her coffee beans in an entirely transparent, traceable and ethical manner. Celina raises money for Charity outside of business on a personal capacity, donating the money she raises to Water for Life.

Dr. Danielle Chiel


Dr. Danielle Chiel created KOCO, a partnership between her Australian based company and women who live in the rural villages of Tamil Nadu, India. KOCO stands for Knit One (garment) Change One (life). She trains and employs women, mostly those with minimal education and little opportunity for advancement. KOCO produces exquisite hand knit luxury sweaters for global fashion brands, other hand knit household items and specialty merchandise.

Diksha Khanna
Amazeology Australia

Amazeology Australia was founded in 2016. Diksha Khanna collaborated with a company, tweaked the products to suit an  Indian market and launched her company this year. Amazeology Australia are the first company to print on products like Cookies, Chocolate Buttons and Indian sweets. Diksha started her not-for-profit organization; Celebrating Life, in order to give back to the society by helping underprivileged children celebrate their birthdays. 

Dr Tanya Unni

Amtan Health

Dr Tanya Unni is a Business woman, Entrepreneur, Community worker and a mother of two. She started her new business within 3 moths of arriving in Australia (2010) and in 4 years Established the largest Non-Corporate Medical Center chain Operators in Southeast Queensland. She also invented iSONIC, the ULTRASONIC EXFOLIATION DEVICE, which has caught attention from the TVSN Television Shopping channel. On top of that, Dr Tanya Unni is an Artist. She acted in over 20 movies and Won the Film State Award for the Best Child Artist (1988)

Jayta Szpitalak


Fermentanicals Pty Ltd

Aimed at combining her two professions of Psychology and Nutritional Health, Jayta created Fermentanicals with a mission to empower and support an individual’s path to achieve physical and mental wellness holistically. Fermentanicals delivers on excellence with high-quality, sustainable and organic health products. As Fermentanicals leader, Jayta constantly sets herself above the rest. With a never-ending ability to innovate, she is not only a thought-leader, but an inspiration to those she works with.

Nita Tanna



Nita is an event planner and stylist. She opened Decor-A-Shaan from her living room in 2005 and has since become a prominent Indian-Australian Event Decorator. She has worked with Masterchef Australia, Recipe to Riches, The NSW and Indian Government and decorated Sri Narendra Modi's official address to the public in Sydney. Nita is a regular sponsor of local community events and organisations such as the Gujarati Samaj of NSW, Brahmin Samaj of NSW, Ekal Youth, Ekal Vidyala and the Indian Children's Fund just to name a few.

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