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Asha Bhat

Chief Executive Officer
Southern Aboriginal Corporation

As CEO of the Southern Aboriginal Corporation (SAC), Asha is passionate about empowering and building the capacity of this Aboriginal community organisation through improved governance and innovation. She is possibly the only Indian woman ever to lead an Aboriginal Corporation in Australia and that too, in a regional country town of WA. As a business leader Asha has achieved highly and has not only lifted the profile of SAC but also has brought accolades to the Indian community.

Associate Professor Payal Mukherjee

ENT Care Sydney

A/Prof Payal Mukherjee is an ENT Surgeon specialising in Advanced ear surgery and Cochlear Implantation. As the Deputy Chair Elect of Royal Australian College of Surgeons NSW committee, she is a strong advocate on issues such as gender equity and Domestic Violence. On these issues, she has worked to increase stakeholder collaborations between RACS, government, NGOs, other medical colleges, universities as well as the NSW police force and judiciary.

Barbara Ward

Expert Advisory

NSW Health & Corporates

Barbara has had extensive career in Australia and overseas in the private, public and not for-profit/charity sectors. She is Corporate Services Director at NSW Crime Commission and Financial Controller at Lane Cove Council. As the Deputy CEO AUSTCARE, she was responsible for beneficiary engagement, brand and communications, research and the oversight of three emerging national campaigns, removing landmines, tackling refugees plight, IDP’s, improving the wellbeing and safety of children and adults in various countries.

Ravneet Pawha

Deputy Vice President & CEO 

Deakin University

Ravneet Pawha has led Deakin University’s vision and engagement in India for 24 years. Leading a team of over 55 staffs, she has established an international reputation of excellence. In 1994, Ravneet led the establishment of Deakin’s office in New Delhi, making it the first office to be opened by an overseas university in India. Under her leadership, Deakin has become the Australian leader in international education in India, with extensive strategic engagement across education, training, research, industry and academic partnerships.

Margaret Faux
CEO - Founder

Synapse Medical Services

Margaret Faux is the Founder and CEO of Synapse Medical Services. Over the past 9 years, Margaret has created an internationally recognised healthcare company with offices spanning 2 continents. In 2016 Margaret proudly opened her first international office in Chennai India which now employs over 80 staffs.

Associate Professor Sarah Kelly

University of Queensland

Sarah is an Associate Professor in Law and Marketing at the University of Queensland and a speaker, administrator, consultant and writer in sport. Sarah is globally recognised for her expertise and research in sports marketing and sports law, and holds teaching and engagement awards from UQ. 

Dr Tanya Unni

Doctorpreneur, Inventor, Australian Skin Lab and Director, Amtan Medical.

Dr Tanya Unni has invented a skin exfoliation device to help her patients who were facing premature skin ageing. The device has been patented and is accepted by the scientific community and the public alike. She has also created a range of skin care formulations which has created quite a buzz in the community. She is perhaps the only Indian doctor who features in TVSN Shopping Network. Dr Tanya is a business wonder, From a small clinic with three doctors in 2010, she has grown into a Corporate in her own style with seven medical centres across Gold Coast and still counting. Dr Tanya enjoys being the regular columnist and health & beauty writer in India’s 2 Nd largest women’s magazine, so that she can connect with people and help them with their concerns.

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