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Farhad Malegam


Foxynet Solutions

Farhad has exceptional leadership and management qualities. While studying at university full time, he started his own startup, Foxynet Solutions. He provides end to end AI based digital solutions to companies - enterprise web applications, AI-based video analytics, intelligent videography, and AI-based digital marketing. Since it's inception, he has single-handedly been able to grow this company on a day to day basis.. This is a testament to his exceptional communication and networking abilities. 


Gautami .png

Gautami Patel


 GR Phones

Gautami Patel functions as the backbone of GR Phones by coming up with her own strategies and techniques to market her company's product. Being a mother, wife and a responsible business woman, she has worked tirelessly to expand her business and has been successful. Colleagues admire her for her work commitment and leadership skills. Gautami's professional journey is a key source of inspiration for many other migrant women seeking to assume leadership positions in Australian business. . 

Dr. Kaushik Sridhar 

  National Sustainability Manager

Regis Aged Care

Dr Kaushik Sridhar is the National Sustainability Manager at Regis Healthcare. He has spent the last ten years working at companies including KPMG, EY, Macquarie University and Unisys, focusing on conceiving and executing large-scale projects related to sustainable development, community impact, business transformation, and embedding sustainability within business strategies and core values. Kaushik's commitment  making an impact in the community as well as driving change within large organisations have placed him in good stead with a wide range of stakeholders.

Nelson Albert

Managing Director

Katoomba Foods

Nelson Albert is the Managing Director and driving force behind Katoomba Foods, an organization that has been a pioneer in holding the Indian flag up high. The company has supported events that showcase Indian culture, heritage, and food. Just this year alone Katoomba Foods was the major sponsors for festivals such as the Indian Festival in Melbourne, which was part of the Melbourne Food and Wine festival and Paramasala in Sydney. Both events were a showcase to enhance Indian Culture and food to the Australian Public. Today he continue to promote India, It is their duty to educate what India is about and really put the country on a pedestaldia, It is their duty to educate what India is about and really put the country on a pedestal

Payal Mahindroo

Consulting Principal (Partner)

Nexus Law Group

Payal has a long list of professional achievements at a young age, including the creation of her own corporate/commercial law business at age 33. Further her business features an India practice where Payal is a legal adviser to Indian banks and organisations. Payal was appointed to the Board of the Australia India Council by the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs at the age of 26. At the time, Payal was the youngest board member to have been appointed to this board.

Pushpinder Bagga



Pushpinder started his first company on the second day he landed in Australia called Memtell. He raised capital investment and partnered with Alzheimers Australia to help families of people living with dementia save their memories through Memtell. Dishme is Pushpinder's second startup and he has managed to crack a business model that 126+ companies across the globe with more than $100 million in funding could not. The business works meticulously to help 500+ passionate cooks in NSW build their brand and earn an income, 


Rajesh Patel

GR Phones

Starting as a mobile technician Rajesh had to learn a plethora of skills to update himself on all the new techniques and procedures. Describing his rapid development within the industry and his passion for accumulating knowledge, Rajesh notes "I usually keep myself updated with all the ongoing technologies to stand in pace. There is no end to learning. I believe knowledge is like an ocean and updating oneself and inputting that in respective business to reach heights." 

Shivali Nayak

Senior Content Producer

ABC Education

Shivali leads one of the ABC's most successful products, ABC Education Learn English. The digital education platform has 4.4 million followers, making it the largest social media community of the ABC. Shivali's unique background as a journalist, educator and migrant have allowed her to bring her experience and expertise to the world through this platform. Born in India and raised in Singapore, Shivali is a champion of diversity and multiculturalism. She remains one of the few personalities of the ABC who comes from a South Asian background.

Soni Barm

Senior Sales Consultant 

Saxton Speakers Bureau

Born in the very small town of Barma in North India, Soni Barm migrated to Australia in 2005. He later started working in a restaurant at the Supreme Court of New South Wales, where he learnt his cooking skills. In 2006 he walked into the Sydney Harbour Marriott doors, approached the HR manager and got selected for a role within couple days. He had a dream to work for a five-star chain hotel one day and that wish came true. Between 2006 to 2014, he progressed every 12 to 18 months within the organisation and went from being a Banquet Attendant to working as a Sales Executive. Following three years and a move to Melbourne, Soni was promoted to Business Development Manager. 

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