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Ambassador Manpreet Vohra, Former High Commissioner of India to Australia

"IABCA has become a prominent business platform for strengthening the India-Australia relationship through the strong people-to-people links between us. IABCA has received international recognition for its efforts to promote cultural and economic ties. The Indian-Australian business diaspora continues to be a key player in this growth story and is achieving greater prominence across business and politics. Therefore, diaspora-focused connections between the two countries in trade, investment, and innovation need to be nurtured and promoted.

There exists significant potential for its further growth given the historic signing of the India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA). I am happy to learn that IABCA, as part of its inaugural Journey In India, plans to hold a rotational campaign between the two nations, Including a program across Delhi and Mumbai. I am sure that this initiative will continue to raise awareness, identify specific opportunities and bring Indian and Australian businesses together.

I acknowledge the valuable contribution made by IABCA and wish their program all success."

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