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The India Australia Business & Community Awards (IABCA) is the largest platform that exists to celebrate the India-Australia relationship whilst simultaneously contributing to its development.  By working in conjunction with State Governments on a rotational policy, IABCA has achieved international recognition as a tool for cultural diplomacy, bilateral trade enhancement, and as a platform for stimulating new business investment between the two nations by recognising the success of our people-to-people links.


Growth Story

Established in 2014, IABCA has accomplished significant growth on an annual basis and now stands as a flagship event in the Australian events calendar. The IABCA platform attracts over 300 nominations from organisations, social enterprises, and business leaders from across the globe who are advancing the India-Australia relationship.


Having partnered with various State and Federal Government agencies across Australia, for nearly a decade, IABCA are pleased to announce the move of this platform on a biennale basis to India, across Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai.


IABCA has four major initiatives associated with it:


  • A Parliamentary Roundtable held in Canberra Parliament at the Prime Ministerial board room. This event connects key decision makers from across the two nations with our IABCA Alumni.

  • An ‘IABCA Stars’ Finalist Celebration, which brings together the platform’s finalists, alumni network, key stakeholders and government supporters in celebration of the India Australia relationship and finalists.

  • The IABCA Global Leaders Forum explores the potential of Diaspora Diplomacy and how best to harness it effectively to shape the Australia India business narrative.

  • The India Australia Business & Community Awards Gala is an experience like none other. This spectacular meeting of minds gala honours outstanding businesses and professionals for their monumental contributions to the India-Australia relationship. This event has been attended by both Foreign Ministers from the two nations and generates substantial tourism to its host state or country as it secures over 40% interstate and international visitation.


To this day, IABCA maintains an alumni network of more than 1,400 businesses, professionals, business leaders and bilateral figureheads across the globe. IABCA consistently engages with this alumni network and provides additional opportunities such as speaking engagements, event invitations, panel and advisory positions, and business collaborations. 

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