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The Hon Steven Miles MP, Premier of Queensland

On behalf of the Queensland Government, I send best wishes to the India Australia Business and Community Alliance (IABCA). Queensland has an important and valued relationship with India, and we are proud to extend the hands of friendship to a nation with whom we have many bonds.

Since 2014, the work undertaken by IABCA has helped Queensland and India to broaden our mutually beneficial economic partnership, to develop trade, and create jobs, growth, and opportunities.

Queensland and India have established, and continue to develop, strong community, education, and economic connections.

India was Queensland’s fourth largest merchandise trading partner in 2022–23, and our relationship is underpinned by the Queensland–India Trade and Investment Strategy 2023–2027 with its shared vision for a stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2021 Census, more than 93,000 Queenslanders reported having Indian ancestry, and this burgeoning diaspora builds on the people-to-people ties between the sunshine state and India.

The Queensland Government looks forward to further developing the relationship with India through trade and investment, innovation, tourism, international students and educational advances, shared visions and opportunities, and cultural links.

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