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Cadeau + Bliss

Cadeau + Bliss openned almost 5 years ago by Nirmal van Hamburg. The main goal was to help disadvantaged women in India by purchasing through fair trade their hand made products and selling them in Australia as gifts. Today Cadeau + Bliss is a bespoke gifting company that supports communities in India, Bangladesh and Australia. Our collection consists of handmade, organically produced items from Australia’s leading artisans and winemakers. Sourcing all of their products and packaging from fair trade manufacturers, Cadeau + Bliss proudly supports the less-fortunate both with their business practices and other philanthropic pursuits.


HashChing is a free online mortgage marketplace, connecting customers looking for great home loan deals with experienced mortgage brokers nation-wide who negotiate better rates from lenders. HashChing enables customers to find competitive home loan deals, saving them tens of thousands of dollars on their home loan payments. Through the collaborative efforts of Founders Maneep Sodhi and Atul Narang, HashChing has pioneered exceptional industry developments and scaled the business quickly to keep up with ever increasing demand.


Smartline is a franchise of Mortgage Advisors and Brokers which was established in 1999. Since starting his Smartline Franchise in 2015, Kapil Virmani has successfully maintained a steady growth rate and excelled in several aspects of business, winning the Smartline Group's "Best New Franchise of the Year" in 2016. Kapil is also involved in a number of Philanthropic Pursuits as well as a member of several migrant community groups in South Australia.


Danielle Chiel created KOCO, a partnership between her Australian based company and women who live in the rural villages of Tamil Nadu, India. KOCO stands for Knit One (garment) Change One (life). She trains and employs women, mostly those with minimal education and little opportunity for advancement. KOCO produces exquisite hand knit luxury sweaters for global fashion brands, other hand knit household items and specialty merchandise.

Fermentanicals Pty Ltd

Founded in 2015 as a new entrant to the health food scene with products launched July of 2016, Fermentanicals is already set to rock the "food as medicine" or functional foods industry which is seeing incredible growth right now in Australia. Aimed at combining her two professions of Psychology and Nutritional Health, Jayta Szpitalak created Fermentanicals with a mission to empower and support an individual’s path to achieve physical and mental wellness holistically. Fermentanicals delivers on excellence with high-quality, sustainable and organic health products.

Planet Insurance and Financial Planning is a Melbourne based Financial Planning firm started by Director Ali Mohammed in 2009, with an aim to educate migrant communities with financial planning related education and services. Planet Insurance also strives to help motivate people to plan and achieve their objectives with the resources available to them with a proper guidance on maximising their situation. Planet has almost 3,500 clients with 10 staff and is still growing.
The philosophy of the company is to help motivate people to think big and achieve bigger.

Samson Coffee House Pty Ltd

Samson Coffee House are roasters, wholesalers and retailers of specialty coffee, operating under their three consumer brands, Malgudi Days, Beancraft and Caffe Regale. They source only the finest specialty coffees from around the world. Their beans are carefully handpicked, processed with love and care on the plantation and then shipped to their roastery in Sydney. 

Valet Migration

Valet Migration excels at assisting young people in moving to places where they are able to achieve their dreams. They take into account the specific goals of each of their customers and create a tailor made package to suit their needs. Under the leadership of Karamjit Kaur, Valet Migration has enjoyed 2 very successful years in business and aims to continue doing so.

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