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Aussizz Migration and Education Consultants

Aussizz Migration and Education Consultants was established by Mr Dharmendra Kumar Patel in 2011 in Melbourne. The company aimed to provide a platform to guide the community people to successfully settle in Australia and contribute towards its economy. Today Aussizz Group is covering a wide range of products from Migration, Education and Professional Year Program to PTE vouchers, PTE Mock Tests and Travel with 6 branches in Australia covering all major cities.

Kidmans Partners Pty Ltd

Kidmans Partners was established in 2000 as a 6-member firm by founding Directors, Manish Sundarjee and Paul Kerss as they sought to “take control of their own destiny” and assist their clients to do the same. The Kidmans Partners group now consists of over 40 employees, including 11 Principals, providing personalised professional service to their valued clients with the Directors also focused on strategies to sustain growth and retain and nurture the next generation of leaders to assist the next generation of clients.

Medsurge Healthcare

Medsurge Healthcare was born purely with the philanthropic intention to save lives and enhance the betterment of society.

Managing Director and Founder of Medsurge Healthcare Mr. Kam Phulwani has been an exemplary pharmacist backed with 10+ years of experience across major hospitals in Australia and a combined 14+ years overseas. Today Medsurge Healthcare is one of the top 3 key specialized pharmaceutical companies in Australia and serves over 1000 hospitals, over 650 pharmacies with over 700 different products.

iOmniscient Pty Ltd

iOmniscient are the developers of a unique Artificial Intelligence System which aims to aid the response times as well as operational efficiency and effectiveness of security organisations during times of crisis. It utilises a number of technological advancements which can be used to help track down terror suspects after attacks and locate lost or abducted children. Currently, iOmniscient is being used in 45 different countries including india and is helping to make Smart Cities really smart.

Shuddh Dairy

Shuddh Dairy is one of the fastest growing dairy companies in the South Asian produce market. Shuddh Dairy manufactures fresh paneer, masala paneer and dahi (yoghurt) for the South Asian community. The products have become very popular amongst ethnic Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Middle Eastern restaurants as well as among the general public. The company has grown 100% every year since it started operations in 2015 and aims to continue this growth in future.

Synapse Medical Services

Synapse Medical Services is a leading international provider of healthcare administration solutions, with offices utilising a unique partnership between bespoke Australian innovation and India’s market dynamism. Synapse has its own legal entity in Chennai and directly employs local staff, the only company to do so in this sector. This office works in tandem with Australian facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. The Chennai office was opened by the High Commissioner to India, Mrs Harinder Sidhu and also has further ties to the Australian Government, via the Consul General office in Chennai.

Western Specialist Centre

Western Specialist Centre has revolutionized the provision of multi-disciplinary healthcare in the western suburbs of Melbourne, through the creation of Australia’s first combined Women’s and Children’s Health Clinic in St Albans, with two more specialist centers opening in late 2017. 

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