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Athira Thomas


Ryan Catholic College, Townsville

Athira is a 16 year old student, currently in Year 11 at Ryan Catholic College, Townsville. A classically trained dancer in traditional and contemporary Indian Styles as well as Bollywood Dance, Ms. Thomas has lent her talents to many charitable organisations and causes. She is also thoroughly involved with multiple Indian-Australian Youth Programs and has been a catalyst in celebrating Indian Culture in North Queensland. 

Jennifer Star

Founding Director


Jennifer Star has devoted a large part of the past decade to developing her Not-for-profit-organisation, Tara.Ed. Tara.Ed is an education NGO that improves the quality of education in rural India through teacher training and capacity building, infrastructure development and resource mobilisation. To date Tara.Ed has impacted the lives of over 10,000 children and 500 teachers in India.

Khushal Vyas


 UNSW Law Society and Member of the Yuva Youth Australia Board Committee

Khushal Vyas is a regular collaborator with the Fairfield Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) in Western Sydney. Through his work with the Fairfield YAC, Mr. Vyas has assisted in the implementations of several platforms designed to support the youth in the area from an educational standpoint as well as celebrate youth culture in an effort to allow young people to grow into successful adults. He has also been a regular volunteer for the Villawood Detention Centre, the Welfare Rights Centre NSW and the NSW Cancer Council.

Manu Singh


India-Australia Cricket relations

Manu Singh is a Brand Ambassador of India-Australia cricket relations. Most recently he has settled into his role as the Ambassador for the Cricket Connects Exhibition, one of the largest cricket exhibitions held worldwide. In the process of putting this exhibition together, Mr. Singh worked with former Australian Prime Ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott. Mr. Singh strives to build a strong relationship between India and Australia through a mutual love of cricket.

Preeti Daga

Manager Corporate Communications

Community Housing Ltd

Preeti Daga is a highly active and committed member of the Indian community and creative industry in Melbourne. She is an Ambassador for Bully Zero foundation, AFL Diversity and Cricket Australia. Preeti is a qualified marketing and communications specialist, she is also an actress, a model and an emcee. Preeti is a very vocal activist for anti-bullying, equality and gender diversity both online and on the ground. She is currently the Vice President of the Australia India Business Council (Victoria).

Prerna Pahwa

Beginning her career in Business as an IT Professional, Prerna has cemented herself as a truly selfless member of the community. Her donation of time to those who are going through a difficult process can only be described as philanthropic. Full of wisdom and kind words, Prerna has been present and emotionally available to help many people who are struggling with cancer and/or leukemia. Prerna is dedicated to raising awareness about cancer and leukemia treatments as well as increasing their availability.

Saba Nabi

Communication Officer (LHAC) Murrumbidgee Local Health District

Saba has made a significant contribution to the Wagga Wagga community and to the international students’ cohort nationally. A winner of the 2014 NSW International Student of the Year Awards in the Higher Education category, she was invited as a guest speaker at the same Awards in 2015. She is currently a member of the Regional Advisory Councils with Multicultural NSW and a Communication Officer of the Local Health Advisory Committees at Murrumbidgee Local Health District.

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