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Aakash Tolani

Project Development Manager

 Pomeroy Pacific

Aakash Tolani is an expert in the fields of Property Development and Counter-Terrorism, both of which he is actively involved in. A multi-lingual Property Development Manager, Mr. Tolani is also a prolific writer across a wide array of topics including Indian Foreign Policy, Counter-Terrorism Strategies and Defence Policy. At the moment he is creating pathways which allow Indian Investors to view Australia as a viable option for their investment activities.

Anuraaj Chhabra

Program Manager - NSW & ACT


In his role as Program Manager of ArtsReady in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, Anuraaaj Chhabra has successfully provided young Australians with training and support facilities for careers in the Arts and many other creative industries. With their patent wrap-around support system, ArtsReady allows young Australians to gain certificate level qualifications in Arts during employment, implementing the teachings of industry experts to do so.

Dr. Astha Singh

Science Communicator

Neuro-Science Research Australia 

Dr. Astha Singh currently works as a Science Media and Communications Expert at Neuro-Science Research Australia (NeuRA). Having completed her PhD at the University of Sydney, Dr. Singh has worked in the Science Industry for over 10 years. In her career as a scientist she has conceptualised and planned the first ever National Science Week event and collaborated with the NSW Government on several initiatives including the Multicultural Youth Network and Ideation 2015.

Karan Anand


Strategy Consulting at Deloitte

Karan Anand is the youngest Director in the Strategy Consulting Industry as well as the only director under the age of 30.  Mr. Anand is also the Chair of the India Australia Youth Dialogue (AIYD) as well as the Chair and Co-Founder of the Young Sikh Professionals Network  (YSPN). His current occupation is Director in Strategy Consulting at Deloitte where he advises senior executives of ASX 100 Companies across several industries, assisting them in matters of corporate and growth strategies.

Mandeep Sodhi

Co-Founder and CEO 


Mandeep Sodhi is the CEO of the start up Mortgage Support company HashChing. He spends a significant portion of his working days with all of HashChing's departments, gaining an understanding of how large scale business decisions are affecting even the smallest parts of the business. Mr. Sodhi has proven himself as a man with a near faultless work ethic, bringing HashChing to life in only 2 months. 

Neha Patel

Operations Manager

Kinetic IT

Neha Patel's entry into the IT Industry can only be described as an uphill battle. During her studies, Ms. Patel maintained multiple customer service jobs while applying ceaselessly for work at IT Businesses, eventially resulting in a position at Fujitsu as a Service Desk Analyst. Since then she has worked her way up in the industry and at a young age was able to guide Kinetic IT into a focused, dedicated business model, managing a suite of successful projects and products.

Sam Freeman


Australian Retail College India Private Limited

Sam Freeman has been Active in India since 2012, working to solidify the integration of an Australian and Indian joint venture in the skill development sector. He has cemented himself as a significant figure in the Indian Skills and Education industry, working to create pathways for Australian Education Suppliers who are struggling to integrate into the industry. He has lived in India since 2014, working on the expansion and improvement of the Australian Retail College India Private Limited.

Shaun Star

Executive Director - Centre for India Australia Studies

Jindal Global University

Having only recently turned 30, Shaun Star has a long list of achievements attached to his name. A Co-Founder of the Australia-India Youth Dialogue, Mr. Star has worked to build relationships between higher education institutions in India and Australia for years, building relations between the two-countries through educational partnerships. Despite the Centre for India Australia Studies being under a year old, Shaun has managed to create partnerships with 8 major Australian Universities.

Taj Pabari


Fiftysix Creations

Taj Pabari is a 17 year old inventor, social entrepreneur and educational innovator. As the founder of Fiftysix Creations, Taj has created a build-it-yourself tablet and creativity kit for children, focusing on facilitating a creative spark in Young Australians and developing them as people through technology. Taj and his work have been recognised in the media multiple times as well as through several awards programs. He was the winner of the Australian Young Innovator of the Year Award in 2014 as well as the 2017 Young Australian of the Year Award - Qld.

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