The India-Australia Relationship

The India Australia Business & Community Alliance is the largest platform that exists to strengthen the India-Australia relationship whilst simultaneously contributing to its development.

IABCA has four major initiatives associated with it.

The IABCA Virtual Roundtable I The IABCA Global Leaders Forum

The IABCA Parliamentary Roundtable I The IABCA Awards Ceremony


Across eight years of operation, IABCA has achieved international recognition as a tool for cultural diplomacy, bilateral trade enhancement, and as a platform for stimulating new business investment between the two nations by recognising the success of our people-to-people links.

IABCA Awards

Established in 2014, IABCA now stands as the leading platform that builds awareness and understanding between the peoples and institutions of Australia and India .

IABCA 2022 Award nominations open on Friday, 10 September 2021

Key Dates:

Friday, 10 September 2021 -  Award Entries Open

Sunday, 12 December 2021 -  Award Entries Close

Friday, 29 April 2022 - IABCA Global Leaders Forum

Friday, 29 April 2022 - IABCA Awards Ceremony

January - February 2023 - IABCA Awards in Mumbai and Delhi, India


Global Leaders Forum 2022

Garnering more than 500 registrations, the inaugural IABCA Global Leaders Forum leveraged the expertise of IABCA’s expansive alumni group to navigate the strength of the India Australia relationship by exploring our economic asset, our people-to-people links.


This now annual initiative featured three panel discussions that explored the India Australia relationship across STEM sectors, soft power diplomacy, and food and agribusiness.

2022 Program Launching Shortly.

The Hon  Scott Morrison MP
The Hon Scott Morrison MP

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Manjit Gurjal
Manjit Gurjal

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The Hon  Scott Morrison MP
The Hon Scott Morrison MP

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IABCA Alumni Network

One of IABCA’s central mission statements is to bring a stronger focus to the people-to-people links that play a significant role in driving Australia’s relationship with India


Our IABCA Alumni network comprises of leaders from across the two nations that represent diverse industries and are essentially former IABCA Winners, Finalists, Ambassadors, Panelists and Partners. 


IABCA often invites and recommends professionals from this proud network as speakers, board members, dignitaries and guests at various events.


With a growing network of over 1500 Alumni from across AIYD, AIBC, Asialink and ECA, we invite you to engage and join the conversation through our IABCA LinkedIn Page.