Sadhana Smiles

2021 IABCA Business Leader of the Year

"Being recognised by your community for success in personal and business life is humbling and so very meaningful. Thank you IABCA for creating these awards to recognise Indians from all over the world achieving great things. Many of us a migrants to Australia from all parts of the globe and it is awards such as this that celebrate, connect and showcase our success. These awards were particularly meaningful for me this year. My father, had a deep connection with India, sadly passed away suddenly in Nov 2020. He would have been thrilled and so proud of me and my win. This award I accept in the memory of my dad."

Vidhu Sharma
Ayurveda for Wellness Centre

2021 IABCA Community Services Excellence

"Congratulations on the success of the IABCA Awards Night and the Global Leaders Forum. What a spectacular event it was!!!! Could see the relentless work behind scenes from yourself and your entire team!!!

Thank you so much for making me a part of the IABCA journey, as I witnessed and participated in the best ever Awards Night I have ever attended in Australia! It was indeed an honour and privilege as I took Community Services Excellence Award back home to Western Australia, my people stand proud!!! It motivates me to give back more to the Community, and at the same time support and promote our Ancient heritage from India- the science of Ayurveda.

I look forward to my ongoing and continuous engagement wIth IABCA and their associated events in future."

Reet Phulwani
Medsurge Healthcare

2019 IABCA SME of the Year

"We are absolutely delighted to receive the award for SME of the year. We thank Sonia Gandhi & team behind IABCA awards for what they do in celebrating diversity and the contributions of Indian migrants thereby creating deeper understandings. IABCA awards has provided Indian entrepreneurs a platform to share their stories & get recognition for their hard-work. To be recognized and acknowledged is such a huge feeling of satisfaction and gratitude. Being a winner is a matter of pride for us and we take this opportunity to celebrate our business success, the recognition & visibility which comes with it, will surely inspire other migrants. Winning this award has established instant credibility for our company. The event really was fantastic and so well-organized- a night not to be missed"

Molina Asthana
Principal Solicitor, Victorian Government Solicitor's Office

"The awards are a great platform to showcase the contribution of the Indian diaspora as well as others that are making a significant contribution to strengthen the relationship between India and Australia.


I feel particularly honoured to receive this award as its recognises my contribution in a field that is not my area of professional training but is something that I have developed a passion for since I moved to Australia. I am hoping that the award will give me greater leverage in smashing both glass and bamboo ceilings in the field of sport to see increased participation of women for their empowerment, wellbeing, and sense of belonging."

Trent Pohlmann
Head of Campus, SP Jain School of Global Management

"By winning the award, our institution was able to increase its profile and brand awareness, particularly in the Indian community throughout the greater Sydney area. As an organisation that is well known in India, but not well know in Australia, we seized this chance to let the local Indian community know about our newly established presence in Australia." 

Natasha Jha Bhaskar
Newland Global Group

2019 IABCA Young Professional of the Year

It was an absolute privilege to win the coveted Young Professional of the Year Award, 2019 at the India Australia Business & Community Awards (IABCA). IABCA is a wonderful initiative that brings together the aspirations, admirable work and commendable leadership of individuals and companies, in the Australia India space, contributing to the bilateral objective of promoting a broader and deeper people – to – people relationship. I feel honored to be felicitated on such a big platform that epitomises the true spirit of the Australia India ties. Australia and India are natural and strategic partners, and in years to come they will be dependent development partners. A relationship that is driven by collaboration, commitment and consistency. The awards give further impetus to the need for creating an Australian imagination in India, and an Indian imagination in Australia. I wish IABCA the very best, as it looks forward to achieving its next milestone with its India footprint. Thank you IABCA. Shine on!

Mandeep Sodhi
Founder and CEO, HashChing

2017 IABCA Young Professional of the Year

“It's an honour to be recognised by IABCA as Young Professional of the Year. IABCA is a great platform to celebrate and promote migrant entrepreneurship and leadership. The recognition has inspired me to work even harder and achieve more goals in coming years. I wish IABCA team all the best and congratulate the whole team on doing a fantastic job in raising the awareness of Indian community leaders and their achievements. I will continue to support IABCA initiatives in any way I can.”

Charlton D'Silva
CEO, Publisher's Internationalé

2017 IABCA Business Leader of the Year

''Thank-you for the fantastic IABCA experience. As you know I have been involved in various top-tier events, through my media career, including The Femina Miss World and Miss universe contests in India, the Forbes global CEO conference as well as The Filmfare Awards in India. Recognition of talent, in most fields, often resides with the private sector, and it takes brains, sweat and blood to do this. I remember meeting you when you first arrived and was so impressed by your vision. You have fulfilled that vision, surpassed it and now you have a world class awards platform that is run professionally and carries the full weight of any prestigious global award. You have the right weight of Government and private partnership. The ceremony itself was stunning with an outstanding international act. As media professionals we do not, as a rule, enter awards etc but I feel proud to have been nominated and to have won. The award has also been strongly recognised by my industry peers and this adds to its value. It is great to be recognised by the federal government and I hope we can also engage with the state government in some pro-bono way, as this is our home state.''

Aman Khan
Global Managing Director, Total Holiday Options

2017 IABCA Travel Agency or Tour Operator

“IABCA once again thank you for putting up a great show and it was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for the award as well and we all are proud and ensure to make India as must-visit destinations in Australia.”

Navneesh Garg
CEO of Adactin

"IABCA has been an outstanding platform which has helped us expanding our business vision and our horizons to greater heights. It has exposed us to vast network of learned individuals and organized business group assisting us in channelizing our energies and to showcase and establishing us as a brand."

Elena Norman
CEO, Hockey India

2019 IABCA Business Woman of the Year

"It has been a great feeling of pride to be honoured at such a prestigious platform and I have to thank IABCA for this. I am usually very focused on working and it is rare opportunities like this that allow me to take a birds eye view of my journey as an Australian professional working in India. I am very comfortable having worked in India since more than twelve years now. I feel bringing together key strengths of our two countries will allow more professionals like myself to be able to contribute mutually across borders basis our capabilities and sectors of expertise."

Geoff Donaghy
CEO, ICC Sydney

"ICC Sydney is honoured to be hosting the 2021 India Australia Business & Community Awards gala which celebrates the Australia-India Partnership. As a contributor to innovation in Australia, ICC Sydney is proud to play a role in actively strengthening the local knowledge and cultural economies through the delivery of this important event. Furthermore, I am delighted to offer my congratulations to the IABCA finalists and winners for their contributions to this significant bilateral relationship."

Pritika Desal
Founder and Project Leader, ShoutOut!

2016 IABCA Young Community Achiever

“The India Australia Business and Community Awards has given me the confidence and motivation to continue the work I do in the community through ShoutOut! Youth Mental Health. It has also provided me a with a platform, particularly through the media, to encourage important conversations on mental health in the Indian community.”

Ajay Mukesh Khandhar
Lawyer, Minter Ellison

2014 IABCA Young Professional of the Year

"Winning the 2014 Young professional of the Year Award has helped to raise my profile within my own organisation, Minter Ellison. However, as I was the only lawyer to take out an award last year, news of my win has also reached international shores - Thanks to number of legal publications that profiled my achievement. Such recognition has been invaluable in helping me to stand out in a crowded legal professional that is full of so many talented, high achieving and ambitious people. Following my win in 2014, i was appointed National Youth Ambassador for the IABCA 2015. This has afforded me the opportunity to build deeper connections with the Indian Business community in Australia, and connect with other high-achieving individuals. I also aim to use my platform to encourage other young Indian - Australians to strive for greatness in their professional and community endeavours." 

Jennifer Star
Founding Director, Tara.Ed

2017 IABCA Young Community Achiever

"It is always wonderful to know that Tara.Ed's vision and mission is valued by the wider Australia-India community and it is humbling to be recognised as an example of leadership in the sector we work in."

John Kennedy
President, United Indian Associations Inc.

2014 IABCA Community Association of the Year

"The award gives a nominee great recognition to the work of individual, companies and businesses as a whole. Hope for the best and win or lose the fact that you are nominated is a great achievement. United Indian Association for the past 21 years have been with the community and this award was a deserving one. Thank you IABCA for recognising the effort of the members of the organisation for putting their effort to serve our great community. IABCA - keep up the good work and keep up the spirit of the businesses, individuals and communities." 

Urban Tadka

2014 IABCA Indian Restaurant of the Year

"What a  Absolute pleasure to enter the  IABCA Awards and we are really thrilled Saffrron is a Winner- Restaurant of the year 2016. Classy and perfect' event organised by Gandhi creations with attention to detail ! Getting bigger n better every year! Thank you and Congratulations."

Danielle Chiel
CEO, Koco

2017 IABCA Small Business of the Year

"It's an honour. it encourages more to do the same and to be a mentor for others."

Diya Singhal
Director, Indus Valley Designs

2014 IABCA Small Business of the Year

"I wish to thank IABCA for the opportunity and the platform. This recognition has directly helped us in strenghthening our brand value and customer confidence. Since winning the award we have had interest not only from prospective clients but also potential investors honoured to have received the award and strongly encourage other businesses to nominate or apply." 

Deepti Sachdeva
Content Strategist, Be-Better People

2016 IABCA Young Professional of the Year

“IABCA has proved to be more remarkable than I imagined it to be. I do think of my work as significant yet quite ordinary in many ways so being in the same room and mixing with other professionals and entrepreneurs with such talent was full of splendor and has inspired me to do more for the community going forward. Winning the Young Professional of the Year Award has been special, because of IABCA’s reach and engagement I get recognised and congratulated even weeks after the day.”

Ashok Mysore
Vice President, Infosys Limited

2019 IABCA Business Leader of the Year

"It was a privilege to participate in IABCA awards along with many successful and equally (or more) deserving individuals. It was a humbling experience to win the Business Leader of the Year award in 2019.

As an Indian Australian, this recognition has given me a platform to participate in enhancing a stronger, modern and multicultural society."

Deepak Nangia
Chief Customer Officer, Capgemini

2016 IABCA Business Leader of the Year

"I'm still surprised at the nomination and win but it's an honour to be recognised by IABCA. Being in Australia I've had many great opportunities to learn and contribute both professionally and personally. Sharing these success stories will enhance the bilateral relationship and show the strength and contribution of immigrants. Celebrating success is the most potent way of motivating the young leaders in Australia and India. My personal ambition was fuelled by reading success stories and I strongly propagate the message with university graduates including international students from India."

Dipen Rughani
CEO, Newland Global Group

It was an absolute pleasure to be an integral part of the inaugural Global Leaders Forum, thank you for the invitation to lead the discussions on “Diaspora Diplomacy”. The soft power of the ‘living bridge’ that exists between Australia and India is a passion for NGG, we believe it is at the core of further opening up the door, between the two nations, that has been ajar for some time. To us over the past few years, the bilateral relations have hit a new high, with the geopolitical situation as is currently, it can only continue to travel upwards. We believe post COVID holds a unique once in a lifetime opportunity between Australia and India, it will be an absolute joy to see, the always present bond between the two countries, come to fruition.


I’ve seen your journey, and fortunately travelled a little bit with you, from the beginning, I love what you do and how you do it, you keep doing you. Anytime you need our help or assistance just reach out.

Margaret Faux
CEO, Synapse Medical Services

"I am delighted to be involved in this exciting new initiative as the binding of Indian Innovation with Australian knowledge is part of my daily work community. There is so much potential to develop the relationship between the two nations further so we must continue to support the people who have worked hard to foster this relationship to date while offering others the chance to join in, with events like this. 

The fact that this series is free and with such esteemed leaders offering their experience can only help the bilateral growth that we all hope to see. This international partnership is central to the ethos of my company and what we stand for."

Jason Sangha
Professional Athlete, Cricket NSW Thuder

2018 IABCA Spirit of Sport 

"I think it's extremely humbling. I always pride myself on being the best role model I can for younger generations, particularly in the sorting area. I'm extremely proud of my Indian heritage, and that is something that will always remain a part of me. I think being a part of the IABCA platform has really connected me to my heritage, something I'll always be grateful for."

Kumud Merani
Executive Procedure-Hindi Programs,SBS

2014 IABCA Community Arts and Culture

"The IABCA platform is one that perfectly matches my deliberation. There is immense potential in furthering relations between Indian and Australia. Having a keen interest in History. I have delved deep into the Historical ties between the two countries. India where I was born and raised in and Australia the land I have chose to live in, a country where I have been accepted with open arms and made some contribution. The past ties are cementing the present relations and the present relations are building towards a stronger future for both nations."

Manuraj Shunmugasundaram
Chair, Australian India Youth Dialogue

2019 IABCA Community Services Excellence

"As a Chair of AIYD, I am proud to be associated with IABCA as a winner of the Community Orgnaisation/ Association Award in 2019 and is enthusiastic about working with leaders shift the needle of the bilateral ties."

Manjit Gujral
Owner, Manjits Hospitality Group

2014 IABCA Lifetime Achievement

"I am extremely humbled and sincerely thankful to have been celebrated as a leader of the India-Australia relationship. It was the realisation of a lifetime of commitment to celebrating two countries that I love so much and owe my career to. The recognition of leaders through the IABCA platform strengthen a variety of relationships between India and Australia, and is vital to the growth of a nation that truly celebrates diversity rather than denouncing it. In such uncertain global times, this foundation of respect and celebration is vital to mental health and social stability.

Margaret Hepworth
Founder, The Gandhi Experiment

2019 IABCA Community Services Excellence

"I was excited and honoured to receive the IABCA Community Services Excellence Award. Of course it felt wonderful to be personally recognised, yet well beyond that. I was happy to see that the importance in developing values education was being understood. People were recognising that we can make vibrant and transformational change through values education. It was also amazing to listen to everyone else's stories, and to know, that as a collective, we are encouraging such positive growth in the bilateral relationship between India and Australia."

Michael Rodrigues
NSW 24 Hour Economy Commissioner

"It's nice to be recognised, particularly in the Australian media landscape which suffers for a lack of diversity. My public profile continues to grow albeit slowly, and during that evolution I hope that i can be inspiration to a new generation of Australian-Indian media professionals. Media plays such an important part in shaping public discourse and perceptions. Australia's natural advantage is its multiculturalism - why is the local media landscape so monotone? The rate of change is accelerating. I am optimistic that in the next 10 years we will be more representative and thus more open minded as a culture when it comes to engaging with the sub-continent through business or otherwise."

Mike Vasavada
Director, Mobiddiction

2018 IABCA Excellence in Innovation

"Winning an IABCA meant a lot to me personally, and to our team. It felt great to get acknowledged from other industry leaders and community that we are on the right path. It let up pause and celebrate victory along the Mobiddiction journey and certainly a very important feather in out cap. Being a first generation migrant it means a lot to share such stories of celebrating success and the amazing line up of IABCA members and fellow industry leaders within the Indian community here in Australia as well as back home in India. It helps us to promote such great initiatives and share our journey and achievements which are by no means easy specially when you are first generation migrant in a new country."

Neena Mitter
Director, The University of Queensland

2019 IABCA Australia India Science Research nd Development

"It is an honour to receive IABCA recognition and share celebrations with all the awesome 2019 IABCA awardees. I wish to sincerely thank the amazing and diverse team of people that over the years have provided me their time, support and such India-Australia relationship. I feel privileged to play a key role in strengthening the stakeholder engagements between the two countries. Celebrating this award re-iterates to me that I am heading in the right direction and that together we are enhancing global good, both for the environment and society.

Dr. Mohit Tolani
Clinical Lead, Dapto Dentists

2014 IABCA Young Community Achiever

"Acknowledgement and appreciation of my contribution to the growth of the healthcare sector and dentistry discipline has certainly enhanced my work; and helped me network and engage with various stakeholders at national level. I feel proud to be an Australian-Indian bilateral pioneer strengthening through my work the constructive difference within the healthcare sector, indigenous students' education, international student cohesion, multicultural enrichment, professional development and youth leadership. The opportunities to work with and for the diverse communities through my various projects has been a fruitful experience yielding excellent project outcomes strengthening both professional and personal."

Elize Bucholts
Brand Manager, Time Our Magazine

2014 IABCA SME of the Year

"IABCA has enabled us to build a strong alliance with the Indian community. It has strengthened brand awareness in the community who may not have heard of us before." 

Nikhil Autar
CEO, Get To Sleep Easy

2019 IABCA Excellence in Innovation

"It's a huge honour to have been recognised by IABCA for our work, and an even bigger one to have won an Excellence in Innovation prize. It speaks highly of our first product, which we know is going to make an impact. But I hope that we can continue to make an impact and keep raising the profile of the giving Indian Community in Australia long into the future.

A huge thanks to IABCA and everyone who has supported us along the way. Do check us out for more information soon!"

Peter Varghese
AO, Chancellor UQ

Chairman Asialink Board and IABCA Advisory

"A deeper engagement with Asia has never been more important to Australia's future. Asia Link recognised that links between communities and the arts must be core part of this engagement. So working with IABCA on the Australia India relationship is something I look forward to."

Pradnya Dugal
Radiologist, Synergy Radiology

2015 IABCA Professional of the Year

"It felt very humbling to receive the IABCA award amidst the Australian Indian community who have many inspirational and successful leaders and organisations amongst them. The IABCA is a wonderful platform to share the stories, highlight the contributions, and congratulate the achievements of these outstanding members of out community. IABCA is a unique opportunity to network, inspire and strengthen the bonds of the Australia-India relations.

Ravneet Pawha
CEO South Asia Deakin University

2018 IABCA Business Leader of the Year

"I believe this initiative is a brilliant way forward to support people that have worked hard and diligently in building the Australia-India relationship. It celebrates success, commitment, partnership and hard work. It brings together people from different walks of life. Impacting lives and changing lives through the Australia-India partnership is the focus of these awards and I think it will go a long way in further deepening this very important relationship.

Professor Rajiv Khanna
Senior Scientist, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

2018 IABCA Professional of the Year

"It has been a very special honour to be recognised as a key leader in progressing India Australia relationship."

Dr. Vanita Sharma
Deputy Chair, Vibe Ayurveda

2018 IABCA Business Woman of the Year

"I think being Indian born Australian and being winner in the field of Ayurveda, an Indian legacy was definitely a celebration in itself, so I feel proud for the whole Ayurvedic community. It's not just winning an award for me, its the feeling that nothing is impossible. Then the celebration continues with ongoing PR value, being able to say on you email signature, on your website and in all your marketing that you have won this award, getting media attention and that people will suddenly take you very seriously and show you respect."

Dr. Raj Khillan
Director, Western Specialist Centre

2017 IABCA Small Business of the Year

"Undoubtedly IABCA is a fantastic platform which recognise the hardwork of every business put to reach to the level. It has definitely helped to take my business to next level.

Reena Augustine
Director, Redcarpet Functions

2018 IABCA Young Community Achiever

"It feels like a dream come true, being recognised as the young community achiever was like God showering his blessings on me for the hard work, me and my team did last 5 years.

Neville Roach AO
Chairman Emertus, AIBC

2017 IABCA Indian Australian Ambassador

“I am writing to thank you, the IABCA Board and the IABCA Selection Panel for recognising me as the IABCA Ambassador of the Year for 2017. 


As I said at the event, I feel extremely honoured to receive this award, not only because it is the highest granted by IABCA each year, but especially because of the stature of the previous awardees and the recognition that IABCA has achieved in Australia within both the Indian and the wider Australian Community. 


Thank you also inviting both Gladys and me to the Gala IABCA dinner in Brisbane, which both of us enjoyed immensely. Again, it was a special honour to be acknowledged in the presence of so many well known and highly respected leaders, a veritable Who's Who in the India Australia space.

Congratulations on creating IABCA and making it the success it has clearly been. I am sure it will go from strength to strength, encouraging, rewarding and celebrating success in the Australia India space.”